Choosing Valentine's Day Flowers.

Posted February 6 2014.


St Valentine's day will soon be with us! We've been impressed with how organised some of our gentlemen customers have been this year, as we've received many lovely orders to date.

However, we are often asked 'which flowers should I choose?' or 'what colour would be best?' or 'how big should the bunch be?'

Well, Roses are always the most popular flower at Valentine's, a single red rose for impulse and a dozen for perfection! Spring flowers are fast becoming popular, particularly Tulips, they look fabulous arranged as a short & chunky handtied bouquet.

What's her...or his... favourite colour? (Yes, men do love receiving flowers too!) Try and match the colour to a favourite piece of furniture or handbag, at least that will give you a starting point.

Size? How big? How small? Well, if you're having flowers delivered to a workplace, think practically, the flowers will generally be transported home at the end of the day which may be difficult if a bus or train journey is involved! Home delivery? Don't hold back!!

We hope this has helped a little? However if you're still confused head for our online shop and you'll find a fabulous choice of gifts.